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Natalia Bąba-Ciosek, PhD, DSc
Katedra Sztuk Pięknych i Użytkowych
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Bąba-Ciosek Natalia: Animators of the nnovation as the link between the industry zone and the academy; 5th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation; Organizer: The International Academy of Technology, Education and Development IATED; Madrid, Spain, November 19-21 , 2012 Bąba-Ciosek Natalia, Ciosek Andrzej: To Design by Recognizing: a New Approach, International Conference Knowing (by) Designig, Organizer: LUCA Sint-Lucas School of Architecture Ghent/Brusseles, KU Leaven, Faculty of Architecture; Brussels, 22-23 May 2013 Bąba-Ciosek Natalia: Design Academy – new approach to training programme idea, International Conference for Academic Disciplines; Organizer: International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS); Harvard, Boston, 26-30 May 2013 Bąba-Ciosek Natalia: Silesian Networking Effect: Reflections on the University – Business Cooperation; 8th International Technology, Education and Development Conference; Organizer: The International Academy of Technology, Education and Development IATED; Valencia, Spain, March 10-11, 2014 Bąba-Ciosek Natalia, Stankowski Janusz: Form vs. Idea – Reflections on Design, International Conference on Arts, Economics and Management ICAEM’14, Organizer: International Centre of Economics, Humanities & Management ICEHM; Dubai, United Arab Emirates UAE, March 22-23, 2014 Bąba-Ciosek Natalia: Uniform or Unique: Polish residential interiors from the period before the political transformation; National Scientific Conference: Rehabilitation of Imagination. Polish Interior Design of the half of twentieth century; Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun; Torun, Poland; 30.06-1.07.2014
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