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Zdzisław Adamczyk, PhD, DSc
Instytut Geologii Stosowanej
Wydział Górnictwa i Geologii
Phone: 32 237 13 07

1. Z. Adamczyk – Petrographical study of Barren rock inserts within coal seams of the Upper Marginal Beds In the Jejkowice Tectonic Trough Area. Prace Geologiczne nr 144, Wyd. PAN Oddział w Krakowie, 1998. 2. Z. Adamczyk – Evolution of Cenozoic volcanism In the Przedgórze Rębiszowskie (the Lower Silesia) and its influence on petrographic character and quality of the basaltic materials. Zesz. Nauk. Pol. Śl., s. Górnictwo, z. 282, 2008. 3. J. Komraus, Z. Adamczyk – Phase composition of iron compounds in the products of annealing of the tertiary basaltic rock from Gora Obloga (the Lower Silesia, Poland). Hyperfine Interactions, 163, 57– 72, 2005, press in 2006 4. Z.Adamczyk, B. Białecka – Hydrothermal synthesis of zeolites from Polish coal fly ash. Polish Journal of Environental Studies, 14 (6), 713– 719, 2005 5. Z. Adamczyk, J. Komraus – Distribution of iron compounds in the process of rock wool production. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 16 (6), 577– 587, 2001 6. Z. Adamczyk, J.L. Komraus - The Origin of Copiapite from Chlorite Pyritic Schist (Wieściszowice, Lower Silesia, Poland) in the Light of Mössbauer Analysis. Hyperfine Interactions, 181, 161- 168, 2008 Member of: Commission of Geological Science - Polish Academy of Science, PTG, PTMin
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